slowly, slowly order grows from chaos….

April 29, 2013 by P. Hill

Totally thrilled to have most of the furniture moved — with help from some very good friends.  -huge happy smile-  We still have lots of sorting and arranging to take care of but are moving apace.

SH Ron worked all day long on Saturday installing new sconces -- six of them!

Let there be light....

Love these! From a certain angle it looks as though they're one fixture....

Moving with the help of very good friends....

Still moving things around but already getting cozy....

The mounds of stuff are a little overwhelming.... LOL This is just one little stack!

Gradually creating corners of order but taking lots of time to think....

Wish you were all here to help figure out arranging furniture around posts!  Tricky, tricky….

Happy Monday my friends — and special thanks to the ones of you who donated your time and muscle!  LOL




Thursday 4/25/2013….

April 25, 2013 by P. Hill

Taking a break on the renovations while I wait for the carpet to dry completely.  Doing some yard work (yuck), pulling weeds, and cleaning the patio.  Stopped long enough to take a photo for sharing.  These crazy amaryllis plants come back every year in the bed that divides the driveway.  More lush this year than ever before.  Have no idea who planted them — they just showed up the first spring we lived here — but I love the burst of color.  I had no idea they would grow outside as I’ve only had them as house plants during the holiday season.  Learned this morning that they are also called “belladonna lily.”  Love that name!  Also love whoever planted them — it’s like a little spring gift that lifts my spirits and reminds me that warm weather is on the way.

Aren't they lovely?

Here’s hoping that you guys are all getting a little spring gift, too.




Wednesday 4-24-2013….

April 24, 2013 by P. Hill

Spent the past two days cleaning out the mess we made while in the process of painting and fixing.  And, today, the Carpet Cleaners are here!!!  I am so excited — these guys really know what they’re doing.  From what I’ve seen so far the carpet they’re working on looks brand new!  Yay!!!

Starting in the back room....

Stain treatments in the quarters -- stains left behind by the last guy who cleaned carpets. They're disappearing like magic!!

Oh happy day!  I hope that every one of you has something exciting going on, too.  It’s a great feeling. -huge, huge smile-




4-22-2013 Monday!

April 22, 2013 by P. Hill

Hey!  Another Monday morning, another fresh start!

Great news!  I finally hit “the wall” on the reno project so we brought George-the-Painter back in over the weekend.  It paid off in spades!  Not only did George finish the trim work in less than two days, but SH Ron was so uncomfortable sitting around the house with George working in the back that he got a ton of work done in the yard.  -huge smile-  Two for the price of one….

Sweet George also cleaned up a LOT of the mess I’d made….  Trim is hard.  No matter how sloooowly I painted I still spent more time cleaning up mistakes than I did brushing on new paint.  Dangit.

So this week I have a few tiny paint jobs to finish up then can finally start cleaning up back there!  I can’t wait.  LOL

A shot of the back wall before....

Back wall nearly finished....

Window wall in back room before....

Window wall after....

Opposite the windows before....

Opposite wall after....

Looking good, right?  I am so excited!  Can finally see light at the end of the tunnel!

Happy Monday buds….




losing track of time….

April 18, 2013 by P. Hill

I’ve spent so much time painting that the days are beginning to blur.  LOL  Had to go out for more paint yesterday — again — so took a short break to think about springtime.

Remember when I told you about putting the plant in front of the ugly outlet in the sunroom?  That was three years ago.  Regrettably, this particular plant doesn’t appear to have grown at all and certainly wasn’t doing the job of covering the messy corner.

Has hardly changed -- very, very slow growing plant. Obviously. LOL

So, I found this lovely big Peace Lily that will do the job!  Love it!

Beautiful, right?

Love the immediate gratification of doing something that shows progress right away!  LOL




as time passes….

April 16, 2013 by P. Hill

We moved to the Bayou three years ago this month.  Many things have changed in three years — including us.  LOL

Note that you can see clearly through this window....

Note the tiny broad leaf philodendron next to the house under the windows....

First two shots were taken when we bought this house. This one was taken yesterday from the kitchen.

Obviously, some things thrive on the Bayou.  -smile-

Have a great day my friends.




an interim post….

April 11, 2013 by P. Hill

Hey!  Here I am!  I’ve put off posting because work continues on the renovation, and there hasn’t been any significant change worth a photograph.  But — I’ve missed you guys so decided to send out a note that’s a little out of my league.  Y’all know that I don’t like to spend any more time in the kitchen than is absolutely necessary.  Conflict:  hate to cook but love to eat.  -sigh-  So here’s the story….

A few weeks ago I accidentally bought an eye of round roast at the grocery store.  I know — toughest piece of meat on the market.  I didn’t have my glasses on.  All I could see was a beautiful roast with a $3.00 price tag.  Naturally I snagged it.  LOL  Got home and tossed it in the freezer.  Pulled it out a few days later to thaw for dinner and realized my error….  Oh dang.  (Okay, that’s not what I really said, but let’s pretend that I didn’t use an ugly word.)  Still, we had to eat it.  I googled a few recipes and decided to try this one — mainly because of the blog title.  Something about a “domestic man” attracted me.  -smile-  It turned out okay.  My oven didn’t hold the heat very well so I had to cook it longer with some heat on, but it was tasty and pretty and not too tough so I decided this week to try it again with a few modifications.

Instead of using the roasting pan I put it in a deep iron skillet that would help hold the heat.  Then I rubbed the roast down with olive oil before I coated it with the seasonings so they would stick better.  I also added a handful of baby Dutch yellow potatoes….  Yummy, yummy, tiny potatoes.  At the point in the process where I was to turn the oven off I turned it to warm instead (150 degrees) and followed the rest of the directions.

Before cooking....

All done! Looks great, right? It was pretty tasty but still a bit tough. We ate it anyhow! LOL

I’ll use the leftovers tonight — little slivers of roast to top off a big salad.  Not too bad, huh?

I hope that y’all are having a great week and looking forward to an even better weekend.  I’ll be back soon with more photos…..




ahhh Monday….

April 1, 2013 by P. Hill

Hey y’all!!  I missed you last week.  -smile-  Was off and away chasing hoodlums….


Wonderful to get home and see that spring has definitely arrived.  That poor old jasmine has grown to twice the size it was a week ago.

The citrus trees are all in bloom, too, so the fragrance along the sidewalk is intoxicating.


The kolanchoe is blooming so we have vivid spots of color in the beds.

And the fire ants are making themselves at home!

Ahhhh….  Home sweet home.  -huge smile-

Happy Monday my friends.





March 22, 2013 by P. Hill

Hey!  It’s Friday!  Excellent — lots to do today and tomorrow is the weekend.  -smile-

Here’s my newest needlework project.  I’ve been commissioned to make a baby blanket, and my new customer chose the fiber herself.  It’s called self-patterning rather than variegated.  I think that true variegated yarn has mixed colors throughout while this one makes stripes of different colors.  Anyhow, it’s a sweet soft choice for a new baby girl.  Off to a good start….

very girlish pattern choice -- also chosen by the customer :)

Have a great weekend y’all!



lovin’ Monday morning….

March 18, 2013 by P. Hill

I think I like Mondays so much because I can always use a fresh start.  LOL  Things have piled up around here so that my mind wanders almost constantly.   This morning is filled with the promise of catching up….  hahaha

Here’s an example of what happens when a person isn’t truly focusing.  Months ago I shared a photo with you showing my new crochet stitch — Celtic Weave.

I continued work off and on — as I said, generally running late with everything — but managed to take a shot of the next step in the project.  This is the fabric I used to make a pillow to go behind the Celtic Weave.

Then my mind wandered….  I got in a hurry to finish this project because it was a birthday present for my Cuz, and I really didn’t want it to show up late.  Got in such a hurry that I forgot to take any more photos!  Thank goodness Cuz knows more about photography than I do so she was able to supply me with several pics to choose from so that I could show off.

Happy, happy birthday Cuz!  And a great Monday to all of you. -smile-